My major fields of teaching interest are comparative politics, international relations, and the political economy of development, broadly conceived. I have taught or served as a teaching assistant on a range of courses in comparative politics, African politics, public policy, international political economy, democratization, and international relations. I have taught at Makerere University as a part-time lecturer (in the department Philosophy and development studies), at Northwestern University as a Teaching Assistant and as a Lecturer, and as a guest lecturer at Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, Legon, and currently at North Carolina State University. 




Introduction to the African Diaspora.




African politics
Introduction to International Relations. Syllabus
The Unequal Global Political Economy. Syllabus



Introduction to Comparative Politics. Syllabus

International Political Economy (TA).


1. Introduction to Comparative Politics. Syllabus


2. Politics of Africa (TA).



1. Introduction to International Relations.  Syllabus

2. Introduction to Law in the Political Arena (TA). TA Guidelines & Requirements