My name is Moses Khisa and this is my online home! Here, you'll learn more about me and my work.

I was born and raised in the Republic of Uganda. I'm mostly a free thinking and fair-minded person who believes in a free and just world. I like to read and write. I'm a student of African politics, a great admirer of the virtue of humility, and have been around the world quite a bit.

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What I do...

I study and teach politics and political development with a focus on contemporary Africa. I got my PhD in Political Science at Northwestern University, Evanston/Chicago-USA in June 2016. I'm Assistant Professor of Political Science at North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC-USA.


I'm a student of politics and not a politician! So, I've little interest, if any, in active politics. However, since I was a little boy in secondary school, I've always had a keen interest in global current affairs but also local sociopolitical developments. Thus, since April 2013, I've been writing a Friday current affairs OpEd for The Observer newspaper, Kampala, Uganda's most incisive and informative national newspaper. I also co-founded a political think-tank, Society for Justice and National Unity (SoJNU), with senior colleagues at Makerere University, Kampala, which seeks to provide intellectual input to Ugandan politics. In addition to my limited political activism, I am also involved in community engagement as an active member of the Ugandan Community in Greater Chicago and as Vice President for the North America Masaba Cultural Association